EMWREP Resources 

Are you in need of resources to use to teach about clean water, groundwater and water conservation at school or community events? Borrow ours! Use the sign-out calendar below or Email us to learn how to check them out. Many resources are also available for download below. 

Displays available for checkout include:   

Table-top pop-up displays (lawn care, pollinators, AIS and soils) 

2 table-top displays
Groundwater model (must be facilitated)

"Your street connects to lakes & rivers" pipe
"What color will kids color lakes?" pop-up banner

Planting for Clean Water
Interactive native plant roots display
Native Flower faces for photo ops
Blue Thumb pop-up banner
3-sided spinner kiosks with flyers

There are many other resources we have that might not be featured on this webpage. Stop by the Washington Conservation Center to browse our Public Resource Library or contact your EMWREP Educators to learn more. 

If you'd like to check out any EMWREP resources or displays  email Jenn Radtke with this information: 

1. The name of the display you wish to check out. 
2. Your name, organization name and any relevant details. 

*Priority goes to EMWREP sponsored events, and check-out is first come first serve. 

Resources for Youth Education

 Watershed Game – created by Northland NEMO for 7-8th grade students. Contact Angie Hong to borrow game board from WCD

 Enviroscapes Model – small group interactive for grade school aged kids. Can be borrowed from RWMWD or CMSCWD

Watershed mapping lesson plan – created by SWWD for 6th grade. Contact Angie Hong to get maps for your school's watershed. 

Water Pollution Camp Clue – outdoor lesson for 3rd-5th grades. Contact Jenn Radtke about created a tailored version for your area.


Training and curriculum for teachers & other professionals:

Groundwater presentations: