Current Openings

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Seasonal Jobs

The WCD hires several seasonal positions every summer for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) inspection, water monitoring, Best Management Practices (BMP) maintenance, and BMP design. These seasonal jobs are wonderful opportunities for current college students and recent graduates to gain valuable field experience in natural resources. For more information, please see our job descriptions below.

  • Seasonal AIS Watercraft Inspector

    • Serves as a Level 1 watercraft inspector at assigned inspection stations. Interviews watercraft owners, performs watercraft inspections, and educates launch users about the importance of AIS Prevention. All inspectors will attend and complete a DNR training to become an authorized inspector. Other duties include daily inspection reports and data entry.

  • Seasonal Water Monitoring Technician

    • In the field, technicians assist with the manual collection of lake and stream water quality data, and the installation, operation, and maintenance of automated water monitoring equipment. In the office, technicians will assist with water monitoring data summaries and storage. Canoeing skills are required.

  • Seasonal BMP Maintenance Technician

    • Assist with the monitoring and maintenance of stormwater and habitat BMPs. Maintenance includes weeding, mulching, planting, sediment removal, and vegetation trimming. Technicians will provide support for the installation of stormwater management and other BMP projects, as well as monitoring past projects for functionality and updating the BMP database.

  • Seasonal BMP Design Technician

    • Technicians assist with the design and implementation of BMPs, water quality improvement projects, landscape restorations, natural resource planning, and stormwater management related projects. They provide support monitoring past projects for functionality, and update the BMP database. Other duties include assistance with educational programs, reports, press releases, web updates, and newsletter articles.