Lawn Care

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As part of efforts to clean up lakes and streams in Washington County and protect groundwater drinking resources, we support low-input lawn care practices in addition to offering training for local lawn care companies to become certified in turf management best practices. We are also encouraging landowners in the county to hire lawn care providers that have been certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in Turfgrass Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts.

In developed areas, storm sewers connect roads and parking lots to lakes and streams, meaning nearly everyone has lakeshore or riverfront property. Fertilizers and pesticides are powerful chemicals that can injure wildlife if overused or used improperly, and even grass clippings can carry excess nutrients into our waterways and promote algae growth if they’re blown into the street.



Minnesota Extension - Lawns

Blue Thumb Guide to Year Round Yard Care (pdf)


Hiring someone else?

MPCA certified turf contractors in the East Metro

What to ask for from your lawn care provider* (pdf)

    *These guidelines are for irrigated lawns with highest quality expectations. Lawns that are not irrigated will require significantly less fertilizer and maintenance.


Info for contractors

MPCA Summer turfgrass maintenance program

Turfgrass maintenance manual (pdf)

Turfgrass maintenance quick charts (pdf)


Instructional Videos

Part 1: Lawn Care Basics

Part 2: Fertilizing your Lawn

Part 3: Weed Control