Green Communities Grant 

Homeowners across Washington County are rethinking how to manage water on their properties. Lawns are being transformed into lush native landscapes that protect our water and save money. Learn how you can do it too. 

Grants for HOAs


The Washington Conservation District has funding available in 2015-2016 through the Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) to help Homeowner's Associations manage water more effectively and efficiently on their common areas. The program grant will pay a portion of the cost of installing a raingarden, converting turf grass to native prairie plants, or installing a stormwater reuse project. Grant funds* are available to HOAs in Washington County. 

For more information, email Jenn Radtke or call 651-330-8220 x44. 

*All landowners in Washington County are eligible for a free sit visit and may qualify for this or other cost-share grants through local watershed districts. Call 651-330-8220 to schedule a site visit or ask for more information.