Accessing Data

The WCD is the clearinghouse for a large majority of water resource data within Washington County. We gather, compile, manage, and distribute data on many of the resources and are happy to provide it to interested parties.

Total Phosphorus graph 

Total Phosphorus graph 

Data Contained in the WCD Database:

  • Water Quality Samples
  • Lake Elevations
  • Stream Discharge
  • Stream Water Quality
  • Groundwater Elevations
  • Macrophyte Surveys
  • Infiltration
  • Sediment Surveys
  • Climatological
  • Biological

Many different agencies currently collect data within Washington County. Most agencies have internal databases that may contain data the WCD database does not contain. If you are inquiring about water resource data, we will be happy to provide it or direct you to the appropriate agency or website to acquire it.


Minnesota Climatology Working Group

Metropolitan Council's EIMS (Environmental Information Management System)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Environmental Data Access

Environmental Protection Agency's STORET Environmental Database

U.S. Geological Survey

Minnesota DNR Lake Finder