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All of the listed offerings below are free to schools, afterschool programs, Scout Troops, faith groups, and more throughout Washington County. The classes will be taught by an EMWREP Water Resources Educator unless noted otherwise. 

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Watershed Game

Duration: 60 min 

Grade Level: 5-8 


Designed by the Northland NEMO Program, an education effort led by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant and the University of Minnesota Extension Programs, the Watershed Game is a board game that simulates land use management and the decision making process used to meet clean water goals. This game requires a 1 hour time block and is designed to meet education standards across science, social studies, and English language arts. 

For more information, visit https://watershedgame.umn.edu.

Groundwater Model & A Drop in a bucket 

Duration: 45-60 min 

Grade Level: 4-6

Beginning with an activity called "A Drop in a Bucket", students will see a visual representation of just how limited our available freshwater is and the importance of conserving this invaluable resource. This will be followed by a short lesson on groundwater education specific to Washington County and will end with the groundwater model. The Groundwater Flow Model was built by Iowa State University and is an interactive device that shows how water is pumped from aquifers, how aquifers are recharged, and what can happen to drinking water when contaminants are in the ground. This lesson is designed to take up one class period, approximately 45-50 min, but can be adjusted for shorter periods as well. 

Splash: after School Toolkit 

Duration: 15-40 min 

Grade Level: 2-7

Developed by H20 for Life, a local non profit,  the Splash Toolkit inspires kids to become water conservation heroes through teaching them about our vital water resources and their importance to all living things. 

This toolkit features 12 short activities ranging from 15 - 40 min in duration. Our EMWREP staff will work with you to find the activity that is best suited for your group! 


Using the roll of a die, students simulate the movement of water within the water cycle. This fun and interactive game helps students to identify the states of water as they move through 9 stations of the water cycle. Role playing as a water molecule helps students to conceptualize the water cycle as more than a predictable two dimensional path. 

This game pairs well with the groundwater flow model and can be substituted for the Drop in the Bucket exercise. 

Incredible Journey 

Duration: 30 min 

Grade Level: 3-5

Other Resources for Youth Education 

Watershed Game – created by Northland NEMO for 7-8th grade students. Contact Angie Hong to borrow game board from WCD

Enviroscapes Model – small group interactive for grade school aged kids. Can be borrowed from RWMWD or CMSCWD

Watershed mapping lesson plan – created by SWWD for 6th grade. Contact Angie Hong to get maps for your school's watershed. 

Water Pollution Camp Clue – outdoor lesson for 3rd-5th grades. Contact Angie Hong about created a tailored version for your area.

Friends of the Mississippi River  Free Indoor/Outdoor Group Programming for Elementary through highschool. Only a limited number of schools qualify due to the goal of connecting students with the Mississippi. Click here to see if your school qualifies. Contact Kate Clayton to schedule a lesson. 

H20 for Life  Free water related lesson plans for elementary, middle, and secondary school. Subjects range from music, to science, to language arts. 

Race to Reduce  K-12 educational curriculum provides units and lessons for helping students gain awareness for water in their community, realize their impact, and learn how to advocate for change. Developed and implemented by local non-profit H2O for Life, the White Bear Lake Area Schools, and Mahtomedi Public Schools.


Training and curriculum for teachers & other professionals

Groundwater presentations