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From large farms to individual lots, the Washington Conservation District's Lands Programs have been providing educational, technical, and financial assistance to landowners in Washington County for many years.

Tree Sale

Our most recognized program is our annual seedling tree sale which starts in the late fall of every year and continues until the tree handout in the spring. Check out our trees page for more information about the species currently available.

Habitat Restoration

Both the urban and rural landowners in the County benefit from the healthier environments that the WCD promotes through our habitat restoration programs and assistance. The WCD has staff knowledgeable in a variety of conservation practices and who can help you determine which management techniques are best for you and your property. For information on larger scale restoration practices such as prairie, streambank, woodland, and wetland restoration, please look at our Habitat Restoration page. For urbanized areas and smaller-scale native plantings such as raingardens, shoreline stabilization, and stormwater management, please go to our Planting for Clean Water page.

Erosion Control

While the Grand Canyon is a spectacular site and an outstanding example of the natural erosion process in action, it is not what we want in our back yards and fields. For assistance with preventing erosion or with fixing a problem that is already occurring, please go to the Erosion Control page.

Pastures & Livestock

If you are a farmer, horse owner, or are just thinking about getting a few chickens; our rural lands and agricultural conservation assistance programs may be right for you. Financial and technical assistance are available to farmers and agricultural producers in the county through our own programs as well as our Partnerships with other agencies and organizations. Please go to our Pastures & Livestock page for more information.

Financial Assistance

Multiple factors contribute to the availability of financial assistance for your project, including the type of project, its location, partners involved, and what funds might be left for the year. If you are interested in finding out more, either contact one of our staff or take a look at the Financial Assistance page.